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The cassette shell should be held together with a five

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Even a slight separation between the tape and the head will result in a poor recording.

Slip sheets are the sleeves between the tape and the case. These are also important since they help the tape to travel.

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Make sure that the felt pad that presses the tape against the head is sufficient consequat urna lorem ipsuget.

Smooth travel of the tape is critical to a good recording.

Pins and rollers are also important. The rollers are what guide the tape around the corners of the cassette.

Using Type I tape is sufficient for spoken word applications. You still need to

This has the potential of the roller and the pin becoming welded under heated conditions. Also, if the rollers are of cheap quality.

These are also important since they help the tape to travel smoother. Smooth travel

The larger the pad the better the tape to head contact allowing for better quality recording. Even a slight separation between.